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“Casey Clover” is the pen name for a collaboration. The collaborators:

  • Kate the adult unit who puts words on the page
  • Felix, the elementary school force of chaos creativity

We both work on the books.  Felix often comes up with the initial story ideas, characters, and outlines.  I write up the chapter drafts.  Felix beta-reads them and makes changes.  I make more changes.  I post them to my critique group, who are AWESOME at line edits and make changes.

Then, after lots of changes, we do up the covers with help from my graphic design friends.  BAM!  We have books.

Sometimes I have a technical consultant, as in Pink Kitty #1 and the upcoming – but slow and very difficult to write – hacker novel I’m working on.  That one is all me, with NO input from Felix since I want to get his reactions as each chapter comes out.

Mostly, we write adventure stories!

Sometimes, they’re on the wacky side, like in the Pink Kitty series.  Sometimes, they are more fantasy-based, like the Ancient Tales of Money series.  But they’re straight-up adventure, often with a side of sibling rivalry / cooperation (I have 4, so…)

Also, there may be others who come on board in the future. Who knows what Orange Kitty’s crystal ball will show?

We live in Evanston, IL.


Not yet.  Email is preferred:  If you want updates, join our generic email list, download our free book, or just check back here on the blog.  We will get up a FB page eventually, but it’s not a priority for us.  Writing stories is!