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Meet The Characters


Pink Kitty

Inventor Pink Kitty likes nothing better than to work in her garage with her tools; unfortunately, her friends often have other ideas. A great person to have on a quest, but don’t ask her any questions about her projects. She’ll tell you much more than you want to know…

Favorite food: cheese.

Favorite color: metal.



Technically, he’s “Sharky Shark,” the way some people are William Williams or John Johnson. But everyone just calls him Sharky. An adventurous eater… so adventurous that he left the ocean to seek out new eating experiences.

Favorite food: pizza, cake, ANYTHING.

Favorite activity: eating.


Captain “Crabby” Juku

A retired pirate with a colorful, mysterious past, Crabby Juku runs a junk shop in Kittytown. When she feels like it. Pink Kitty is one of her best customers.

Favorite food: hardtack and Halloween candy.

Favorite saying: “Hm!”


Mew Mew

Kitty City’s best-known baker. Mew Mew is soft-spoken, but she can really put her paw down about things like eating healthy food before treats, and proper use of her delivery van. Often comes up with experimental flavors of cake and tests them on Sharky.

Favorite food: salad.

Favorite activity: ordering new ingredients.