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Pink Kitty and the Meowy Moon Halloween Candy Mystery


About The Book

So, this is a Halloween book, but it’s not about ghost, witches, pumpkins, or any of that extra stuff. It’s about the heart of Halloween, what’s really important — the candy! Specifically, a very hard-to-find candy that seems to have everyone under a magical spell.

It’s also not a wimpy kind of book where everyone speaks nicely to each other and is all smiles. No way! The characters are a crabby old pirate, a grumpy inventor, a kind-but-tough baker, an adventurous eater, and a busy, irritated witch student. (There’s also a surprise character who I won’t give away — it’s best if you get to know him when he appears.)

Length: 15,000 words (not including the extra stuff at the back). 7 chapters.

Read-aloud time: About 2 hours. For us, that’s 2 or 3 nights of reading, but we’re pretty hardcore sometimes and power through this length of book in 1 night.

Grade level: K-5. Younger kids will like the story. Older grade-schoolers will like the attitudes of the characters, get more into the science, and possibly dream of being as off-beat as Pink Kitty & the gang.

The Official Summary

Something strange is happening to the residents of Kittytown during the month of October — strange and STUPID, in Pink Kitty’s opinion. Everyone she meets is obsessed with a Halloween candy that no one can find. Even her crabby pirate great-aunt wants some of the fabled “Meowy Moon Halloween Milky Cremes.”

Though Pink Kitty wants to stay at home and work on her inventions, her friend Sharky gives her the sad shark face, and she agrees to go on the quest for the candy. Though she hopes it will be a simple shopping trip in Kitty City, she discovers that Meowy Moon Halloween Milky Cremes have been missing from stores for years.

With the help of her engineering skills and her friends, Pink Kitty and friends devise a crazy solution that is as creative as it is funny. Join practical hacker Pink Kitty, adventurous eater Sharky, and resourceful baker Mew Mew as they meet an unusual thief, eat lots of delicious (and experimental) food, and capture their “treasure” as they solve the Meowy Creme Mystery.

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“How do you come up with this stuff?”

I get this question a lot, even from people who know me. If you want to know how our unusual Halloween book came about, go here for the backstory.

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