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This is not part of a series.  But I’ve heard that we should do one on Hypixel UHC (which is really fun), so we might…

PVP Wars: Hacker EXPOSED

Ranked Skywars player FancyFreee is a legend in PvP, but is he TOO good?​​​​​​​

5th grader JT just wants to get to Gold Division, or maybe Diamond, in ranked Skywars.  But he has to face the facts: he’ll be just another loser unless a miracle happens.

But one night, he gets matched up with the god of PvP himself, FancyFreee, and discovers something shocking.  FancyFreee is a hacker, and JT wants to expose him on video for the loser he truly is.

Can JT and his mysterious mentor team up together to expose FancyFree’s crime?


PvP Wars: Hacker EXPOSED is a fiction book written by Minecraft players. If you’re not familiar with all the PvP (player vs. player) terms, we have a glossary in the front to help you. Enjoy this funny kids book about PvP!

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Story Notes

This book was written as part of an elaborate scavenger hunt.  There are clues embedded in the original version (which I took out because they wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.)  But though the first version was quite rough, it was decided that we should edit and publish it for other Minecraft enthusiasts, and so we did!