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This book wasn’t meant to be part of a series, but we had an idea for the character of gaming fiend Joey, based on real-life examples from the block.  So we’re thinking about it!

Should I do a sequel to the 'sharkbean story?'
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The Prize-Winning Science Fair Disaster

A fast-paced kids’ chapter book with hopelessly dorky parents, sheer genius, experimental candy, and an unexpected friendship.

On the plane back from spring vacation, 5th grader Sam Ferriss suddenly remembers something terrible: he only has a week to come up with a winning science fair project! Not only has he boasted about winning to his friends, but the prize is huge — a tablet computer of his own.

At school, he accidentally finds out top-secret information: one of the judges is the candy-loving art teacher, Mr. Chandra. Sam designs a project that is sure to get Mr. Chandra’s winning vote. The problem is, Sam’s nemesis — too-perfect, too-nice Aidan — has the exact same idea.

With just a few days left, Sam comes up with a genius plan that will crush Aidan’s project into the dust. But as he races toward the deadline, disaster strikes, and Sam just might need Aidan’s help out of a sticky situation.

A cool Amazon review!

The Prize-Winning Science Fair Disaster: (that left perfect Aidan’s perfect project in the dust) by Casey Clover is a fun book conceived and written by a duo of writers, and what a great job they have done. With no shortage of laughter, the typical banter that flows around in schools among the students, and a formidable science fair competition where the stakes are high, this is a great book for all ages, but especially young tweens. Sam Ferriss is the lead character and is written authentically, with a great voice and personality. He absolutely must win the science fair, even with a late start. He must face his arch nemesis, Aidan, and the race to the finish begins. This is a fun book that will appeal to many people, a cute story that stresses the importance of forming friendships, and some of the turmoil that accompanies growing up. Highly recommend for a different, amusing and entertaining story.

Story Notes

I don’t even know where the wacky idea for this story came from.  It just showed up!  But a lot of the details are from my own life… I remember getting into cooking at that age, and being far too ambitious about what I could accomplish.  And I also had that friendship with 2 – and then 3 – very different people in 5th grade.