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In an Ancient Desert City…

Thirteen-year-old Nomasir has just graduated from school.  Looking forward to an easy life with his rich parents, he receives a real surprise when his parents send him off to live on his own.  Find out how Nomasir loses, and then regains, his fortune in this multi-chapter folk tale about money, hard work, and friendship.

7100 words (early chapter book length.)

“The Story-Collector of Babylon” is a suitable for all ages, but especially recommended for grades 2-5.


Casey Clover writes adventure stories for kids of all ages.  We are a collaboration between an adult writer and a child writer.  Read more about us & how we write our books.

New Arkad Stories in the works!

But this time, we're going to put them out one at a time, as they're written.  It's more fun that way.  I don't know if these stories will feature Arkad in them all, but they'll be tied in somehow.

PK #2 went to 9 chapters

This story is much wackier than the first one, if that's even possible. We are doing a quick read-through and revision tonight, and hopefully will upload tomorrow (Feb 12).

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